Sync Obsidian without spending money & time

I use Obsidian as a great tool that helps me store effectively key learnings that I can easily come back to.

Set up Syncthing for Obsidian
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I use Obsidian as a great tool that helps me store effectively key learnings that I can easily come back to. Plus it uses universal markdown language so that my efforts are sustainable enabling me quickly switch to a different solution in the future, if needed.

What makes Obsidian unique is its ability to connect my notes and create a network of knowledge. This feature not only enhances understanding but also makes it easy to retrieve information. Additionally, Obsidian provides a visual representation of these connections, making it easier to navigate between different knowledge nodes and get a comprehensive view of my learning landscape. Today, I’m pumped to show you how can Obsidian empower also your continuous learning journey without limitations.

I finally figured out how to sync my Obsidian notes across devices without needing an additional subscription. This made syncing my notes between devices almost effortless. I did it using Syncthing, which is a program that utilizes end-to-end encryption to continuously synchronize your files.

Set up Syncthing for Obsidian

  1. Install Syncthing on your devices
    Download and install Syncthing on your PC and Android phone.
  2. Set up folders
    Open Syncthing on your PC and add a new folder. Choose the Obsidian vault you want to sync. Do the same on your Android phone and make sure to choose the same folder.
  3. Connect the devices
    On your PC’s Syncthing interface, go to the Actions menu on the top right, click on Show ID to display a QR code. On your Android, go to the Devices menu, tap +, and scan the QR code displayed on your PC.
  4. Share folders
    Once the devices are connected, you can share the folder from your PC with your Android device. Approve the sharing request on your Android device.
  5. Sync and verify
    After the setup, the files should start syncing. You can verify this by opening a note in Obsidian on your PC, making a change, and checking if the change is reflected in the note on your Android device.

For a more detailed guide, check out this YouTube tutorial.

By using Syncthing for Obsidian, I’ve streamlined my workflow significantly. I hope this guide helps you do the same.

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