Google Gemini amplifies human potential

I love the competition in the AI that’s pushing our world forward. OpenAI with its partner Microsoft have unleashed the beast and now Google has started to show off what they have been working on with a much larger team…

Microsoft is readying OneDrive Photos’ big comeback

Once known for its focus on end users, tech giant Microsoft has shifted its attention primarily to enterprise clientele. In the past, users benefited from the helpful tools provided by Windows Live, such as Photo Gallery with its groundbreaking facial…

Québec je t’aime

I was fortunate to spend two months in Quebec in 2018. This beautiful place left me with many memories together with precious friendships and a commitment to come back.

Shinny in Christie Pits Park


hitting the ice one last time this season. knowing that I will be able to jump on the next season (if I don’t mess up). somehow it feels like the beginning of something new.