My Framer Site

Dear Paolo, Iโ€™m Tomas, a marketer in the design and manufacturing industry. Iโ€™ve empowered a leading Czech office furniture maker to enter new European markets and a Toronto manufacturer to scale up during the pandemic. Now I want to help you elevate the success of your unique brand Edra Spa.

I will:

  • Create engaging product pages with mobile-first design turning visitors into customers.

  • Triple the speed.*

  • Elevate the accessibility and best practices of your website by 15%.*

  • Up the SEO by 30%.*

  • Run blogging and social media campaigns to drive masses to

  • Max the AI score of your website to be discoverable by ChatBots.

  • Promote the unique design of your seating furniture with stunning 3D renderings and animations.

  • Allow your clients to vizualize Edraโ€˜s furniture in their spaces using AR. And more.

*Based on Google PageSpeed results as of October 17.


  • CMS / Ecommerce / SEO / Copy

  • Social Media / Blogging / Newsletters

  • 3D / Motion / Graphic Design

  • Research / Strategy

  • Automation / AI / Agile Methodology

Distinct product identities across both print and digital multi-lingual materials enabled the company to successfully enter new European markets and secure clients including GE, IBM, and Heineken.

โ€™11 โ€“ โ€™16

The redesigned ecommerce website with own 2D/3D content and a blogging strategy generated 57% YoY visitor growth. The social media strategy led to an 867% YoY surge in Instagram visits.

โ€™20 โ€“ โ€™22